Faudo Experience

Faudo Experience offers a tour that combines hills, sea, and mountains in a single route, traversing asphalt, dirt roads, and trails. You'll experience breathtaking views as you go from the sea to an altitude of 1149 meters in just a few kilometers. Along the ride, you'll encounter charming villages and trails that lead you to the summit of Mount Faudo, where you can admire the Ligurian Alps and a significant stretch of coastline from the French Riviera towards Genoa. With some luck, you might even catch a glimpse of Corsica on the horizon. The tour concludes in the enchanting village of Cipressa, mostly on dirt roads and through a picturesque pine forest, with a visit to the Tower of Gallinaro, an ancient watchtower and an unmissable panoramic spot

About this experience

Breathtaking panoramas

Enjoy spectacular views as you traverse the tour, with vistas ranging from the sea to the mountains

From coast to altitude

Experience the diversity of terrains and elevations as you move from sea level to the summit of Mount Faudo

From the top of Mount Faudo, soak in the panoramic view of the majestic Ligurian Alps

Ligurian Alps panoramas

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